Course Syllabus

PED 148 Course of Student Fall 2014.pdf 

I.              Course Number and Title: PED 148 – 101 – Weight Training and Physical Fitness

Instructor Information:

 Mr. Frank Szymanski, Weight Room Coordinator

Office: MTC 109, Wye Mills Campus

Phone: 410-827-5828

Email:           Fax: 410-827-5841


  1. II.            Course Description:

An introduction to aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  Emphasis is on weight training to increase muscular strength, muscular endurance, joint range of motion (flexibility) and the improvement of body composition and aerobic/cardio respiratory exercise to increase heart strength, artery elasticity, and vital lung capacity.


  1. III.          General Education Objectives:

The course material in this class will contribute to the development of many of the College’s general education objectives. This course will increase a student’s skills and knowledge to:


  • Communicate in oral and written English
  • Read with comprehension
  • Think critically
  • Reason abstractly
  • Understand the scientific method
  • Recognize and understand cultural diversity
  • Enhance future learning


  1. IV.          Student Learning Outcomes:

The student will:

  • Demonstrate proper basic fundamental training techniques and mechanics utilizing free weights and various isotonic exercise stations and equipment.
  • Monitor their diets to include nutrients and supplements to enhance their potential associated with anaerobic and aerobic exercise.
  • List, define and manipulate the variables of measurement and evaluation for aerobic and anaerobic exercise for personal preference.
  • Use the internet and obtain current information on weight training and conditioning.
  • Write, administer and evaluate a personal weight training program.


  1. V.            Course Requirements:
  • Attend lecture series and participate in the laboratory work on a regular basis.
  • Write, administer, and evaluate a personal weight training/flexibility program.
  • Keep daily written records.
  • Orally present internet search assignments.
  • Write a paper utilizing the variables of progressive resistance exercise to create a program that would allow the student to meet specific outcomes.


  1. VI.          Method of Evaluation:                                                                      Due Date                 Point Distribution
    1. Attendance (100 points), Class Participation                                                                  400 pts.

(skills: oral, listening, interpretation, note taking,

etc.) (100 points) Lab Participation/Work Ethic

(200 points)


  1. Two exams (100 points each)                                                   TBA                                    200 pts.


  1. Daily Written Records: Mid Term (50 points)                                                                  100 pts.

                    Final (50 points)


  1. Internet Research – Oral Presentation, Critical                                                             100 pts.

Thinking Assignment


  1. Fostering Ethical Behavioral Assignment, Basic                                                             50 pts.

Rights Case Study


  1. Paper (Program Design)                                                              TBA                                    150 pts.

                                                                                                              TOTAL                               1,000 pts.



                                                                        Point System Grading Scale

                                                                        900     -      1000       =       A

                                                                        800     -      899         =       B

                                                                        700     -      799         =       C

                                                                        600     -      699         =       D

                                                                        0          -      599         =       F     


Attendance and Participation Points – Roll will be taken at the beginning of each class. Those students in attendance will be eligible to receive the maximum allowance. Tardy students and students who leave early will receive a percentage of the daily allotted points.

Immediate contact with the instructor is recommended if a class is missed and required if an exam is missed or an assignment is not turned in on the due date. Voice and email are available 24 hours a day. Call Chesapeake College, 410-822-5400, 410-748-1537, or 410-228-4360. Press 1, dial 5828. Press #. If the instructor grants permission, all work must be made up/turned in prior to the next class meeting. Maximum Point Total, 50%. Failure to meet any aspect of these requirements will result in a grade of “0” points. Exams will be made up in the Testing Center in the LRC or at Chesapeake College satellite center.

Significant Fall 2014 Dates

  • Monday, August 25th – Class Begins
  • Monday, September 1st – College Holiday – Labor Day
  • Friday, October 24th – Mid-Term Grades Due
  • Monday, November 17th – Last day to drop course with a “W” grade or change from credit to audit
  • Wednesday, November 26th through Sunday, November 30th – No Classes – Thanksgiving Break
  • Monday, December 8th through Saturday, December 13th – Final Examinations


Academic Instruction

Emergency Management Plan

In the event that Chesapeake College needs to close for an extended period of time due to a flu pandemic, severe weather event, or other emergency situation, consideration will be given to the timing and duration of the closure as follows:

  1. Closure during the semester for up to one week – there will be an opportunity to make up work missed without significant alteration to the semester calendar.
  2. Closure extending beyond one week (or in situations where classes are cancelled on the same days/evenings over multiple weeks) – the College may extend the length of the semester. Depending on the timing of the closure, scheduled breaks, end of the semester dates, and/or the processing of final grades might be impacted.

Students can acquire information about closures on the College website or by calling 410-822-5400 or 410-228-4360. Chesapeake College courses held at off campus sites will follow the protocol of the host facility.